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Ear Infection

Ear Infection services offered in Newport Beach and Tustin, CA

Ear Infection

Ear Infection services offered in Newport Beach and Tustin, CA

Ear infections can be painful, especially for kids who get these common infections again and again. At Kar's Pediatrics in Newport Beach and Tustin, California, Romit Kar, MD, offers compassionate diagnostic and treatment services for ear infections. Booking a visit takes just moments, whether you choose to connect with the practice online or by phone. 

Ear Infection Q & A

What causes ear infections in kids?

Your middle ear is the space that sits just behind your ear drum. It houses the tiny bones that vibrate to enhance your hearing. Normally, this area is hollow, filled only with air. An ear infection develops when viruses or bacteria create inflammation in the small tubes that run from the middle ear to the back of your throat. 

Kids are far more likely than adults to develop ear infections. Even infants can experience this common type of infection. Some of the signs of ear infections in children include:

  • Ear pain
  • Fever
  • Tugging or pulling at one ear
  • Fussiness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Increased crying

If you notice these changes in your little one, call Kar’s Pediatrics to see if a same-day sick visit is available. 

How are ear infections treated?

Dr. Kar quickly assesses your child’s condition to see if an ear infection is present. Part of the process involves using a special scope to look at the area surrounding their eardrum. 

If he determines an infection is present, Dr. Kar might recommend a period of watchful waiting before beginning treatment. Many ear infections will clear up on their own. However, if symptoms are severe or do not improve within a few days, a course of antibiotics is the primary treatment path. 

If your child is prescribed antibiotics, taking the entire prescription as advised is essential. Stopping antibiotics too early can lead to serious re-infection, which can cause even more severe symptoms than the initial infection. 

How can I reduce the risk of my child getting future ear infections?

It isn’t possible to fully protect your child from ear infections. Researchers find that a number of factors increase risk levels, including:

  • Poor air quality
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Cleft palate
  • Genetic factors

It appears that babies who bottle feed are more likely to develop ear infections, especially those who drink while lying down. Babies between 6 months and two years old are more likely to develop ear infections. 

Kids in group childcare settings have higher rates of ear infections than those who remain home. Emphasize the importance of washing hands to reduce the risk of all infections. 

If you need guidance or care for ear infections, call Kar’s Pediatrics today or use the online tool to book a visit.