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Well Child Exam

Well Child Exam services offered in Newport Beach and Tustin, CA

Well Child Exam

Well Child Exam services offered in Newport Beach and Tustin, CA

Well-child exams are the foundation of pediatric health and a need no parent should overlook. These routine visits are an area of specialty for Romit Kar, MD, of Kar's Pediatrics in Newport Beach and Tustin, California. If you need to book a well-child exam, visit the online scheduling page or call the office during normal business hours.

Well Child Exam Q & A

What is a well-child exam?

A well-child exam is a routine office visit that allows Dr. Kar to assess your child’s overall health and wellness. These visits focus on ensuring that kids are developing normally, both mentally and physically. 

These appointments are also an opportunity for you to ask questions or express any concerns you have about your child’s health. Feel free to explore any topic you like, including:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep schedules
  • Learning differences
  • Issues with delayed speech
  • Injury prevention for youth athletics
  • Behavioral issues

Dr. Kar is passionate about obesity prevention and enjoys working with families to improve nutrition for both kids and adults.  

Why are well-child exams so important?

Well-child exams allow Dr. Kar to assess and track your child’s development. Their height, weight, and other metrics are compared against statistics from many other children who share the same age and sex. 

This comparison makes it easy to identify when a child is falling behind developmentally. Very often, early intervention is critical in managing developmental issues. When kids get the care they need early on, they have a much better chance of thriving as they move through the phases of life. 

How can I help a child who is fearful of a well-child exam?

Many kids develop fears surrounding medical care. Some see a movie or television show that portrays medical settings in a scary way, while others hear friends or family members speak about negative experiences at the doctor’s office. 

Sometimes, a child develops these fears after watching a loved one undergo intense or painful treatment. Kids don’t always have the reasoning skills needed to understand that doctor’s offices or hospitals are not the source of pain and trauma. 

No matter how your child became fearful of medical care, Dr. Kar and his team understand the importance of establishing positive impressions about health and wellness. They work hard to make every office visit as enjoyable as possible, even sick visits. 

If your child expresses concern about an upcoming well-child visit, find a book on the subject written for their age range and read it together. Once your child sees that there is nothing to fear, they may even begin to look forward to their time at Kar’s Pediatrics. 

Booking a visit is fast and easy, with phone and online options available.